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First Response System

If your child is absent please phone the school absence line with a brief description of why your child is unable to attend and when you expect that they will return.  If we haven’t heard from you we will text the person that is listed first on the child’s contact details asking you to call school. If we still haven’t heard from you by 10am, we will telephone you on the same number.  If by 10:30am we still have been unable to speak to you, we will then telephone all the contacts on the child’s contact sheet. Failure to speak to any of these contacts may result in a home visit or referral to the safeguarding team. We hope that you understand that these procedures are in place to ensure that our pupils are safe.   If you would not like any contacts to be telephoned, please inform the office staff to remove them from our database.


If you or any of the contacts on your child’s records change then it is vital that you inform us immediately please.