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Here at South Parade Primary School, we truly value the partnerships we have with our parents and carers. We love to receive feedback, whether it is to tell us about all the positive things we are doing, or to highlight areas where we may need some improvement. We use this feedback combined with feedback from children, staff, governors and the wider community, to inform our decisions and to make  South Parade the best school it can possibly be. 


It would be extremely helpful to us if you would like to leave any comments on our Parent View website - this is something that OFSTED will look at if and when we are inspected. This can be accessed on: 



Most recent feedback from parents/carers - parent/child consultation evening March 2017


What we do well…

Bed Time Stories x 4

Text message contact / general information e.g. newsletters x 12

Eco committee

Jobs for students – ideas of the ‘real’ world

A school that listens to parents / parental involvement x 5

Attentive / approachable/ friendly staff x 14

Encouraging and happy atmosphere x 6

Fabulous Teaching Assistants x 3

Indian evening x 7

Diversity week x2

University afternoon x 7

Clean / safe school / Mr Argent x 5

Mrs Banks’ help x 2

Nothing to improve x 2

Rewards for good behaviour / traffic light system x 4

Extra-curricular activities x 3

Treating siblings as individuals

Nice head teacher

Early birds x2

Year 6 staff x 2


What we could do better…

Pay online for school dinners / trips x 4

This is something that we got recent quotes for but the cost for this service is not viable at this time.

Push children more when needed x 3

We have a mastery policy in place in school (see the school website). We have done a lot of training around this in school this academic year.

Dinners are rushed

Children are given as much time as they need to eat their dinners. We have lunch time supervisor table monitors for each of the tables in the hall. Occasionally , when a child is eating very slowly or chatting a lot, they will be encouraged to speed up so they can enjoy some fresh air and play time.

Nothing x 3

Come out of school on time

We have now got an alarm to signal the end of the school day

Improve communication in home reading books

Home reading books are monitored at least half termly by teachers. This is something that we will discuss.

Traffic light system causes upset children

We have found that behaviour across school has improved as a result of the new behaviour system. Some children have been upset about missing eg. 5 minutes of their university afternoon. The following week this has then given them the incentive to make the right choices to make sure they do not miss the time again.

More after school clubs / multisport x 3

Mr Shaw reviews after school sports provision on a termly basis. We are looking to introduce other curriculum area clubs eg. French and cookery

Breakfast club / after school wrap around x5

We recently consulted with parents on wraparound care. This will be discussed at the governors meeting in April

Do a stall before WBD /XMAS concerts to sell old dress up, save parents time and money

We think this is a great idea and will do this next year

Children too rough in the playground

Any child that is too rough on the playground is given time out. We are introducing sports provision after Easter every lunch time

School dinners (menu) x 10

We have had two meetings with ISIS, the meal providers alongside our school cook. A new menu is coming out after the Easter holiday. We hope they have taken on board our/your feedback

Newsletter to be emailed – save paper x 3

At the moment we do not have a parent email service. We do however, add the newsletter to the school website. Many of our parents do like paper copies as often there are slips to sign, lists of dates to refer to etc.

More structured learning in school hours x 2


Parents evening and reports for Nursery – end of year report is just a tick list – no feedback through the year


No one should have to pay for school dinner

Unfortunately, alongside all other schools, this is something we are unable to offer. Please contact the office re Pupil Premium funding as you may be eligible for free school meals

Teach life skills

This year we have introduced university afternoon. We offer a range of workshops which children can sign up to. These include: hairdressing, animal care, life saving skills, meditation

Termly update of pupil’s progress (one thing they have improved/one thing to work on) x 3

Costumes should be provided for concerts (school sets)

We are constantly adding to our collection of costumes

More communication regarding bad behaviour so that parents can keep child on track

Each time a child receives a TOC card (time out) a letter goes home to parents

Nursery page – not updated with activities and photos / website not updated enough x 2

More equipment for playtimes

We are buying in sports provision each lunch time

Put general notices up in good time

We try to update parents as much as possible and as soon as possible using our text system and school website

Bring back structured homework

We consulted with parents, pupils, staff and governors prior to launching our new homework policy






We recently sent out a questionnaire (Autumn 2016) to parents and would like to thank everyone who completed this. See results below:
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On the questionnaire we also asked for comments. Here are some of the positive comments which we received about our school: 


  • Thank you to Nursery staff for helping child to settle in so well
  • You are all doing a brilliant job – thank you!
  • Very happy with the school
  • Thank-you to all the staff who help my children
  • I am an out of area parent and would highly recommend this school
  • I have no concerns about sending my child to South Parade. I have always found staff to be friendly and approachable and happy to help. There is good communication to parents through letters and the text service
  • Children are progressing well in their education and development and have good relationships with their teachers
  • South Parade is a great place to learn
  • My child loves coming to school and he is doing very well
  • Very happy with the school
  • I am glad that you realise that both of my children are very different and treat them accordingly – thank you for all your hard work
  • Absolutely 100% would recommend this school
  • The entire nursery team are worth their weight in gold. They are kind, enthusiastic and very upbeat with the children. They take on board information parents provide and use this in the child’s best interests. I feel they are approachable and listen to parents points of view. I have the up most confidence in the entire team of staff looking after and educating my daughter. She has settled into the school brilliantly and is excited to attend and enjoys her time there. I am a 100% completely satisfied parent and can see my daughter developing daily even after this short period of time. Well done to the entire team, keep up your hard work and efforts and they are very much appreciated
Below are some of the comments that parents made on the questionnaire that we have addressed or are addressing:
  • Homework is too difficult, asking too much at their age

10% of parents feel that homework is inappropriate for their child’s age. Homework is something that we are currently reviewing in consultation with parents, staff and children 

  • Not had any further information about before and after school care, myself and others are without adequate childcare
  • Would be helpful if the school provided a breakfast and after school club for working parents as all childminders that drop off and collect from the school are currently full and no nurseries in the area provide this service

Before and after school care, this is something we are actively seeking advice on; this will be added to our agenda for school governors

  • If you make a call to a parent and no reply could you please follow up with a text as school number is withheld

We always leave an answer machine message when the call goes to an answer machine. In the rare instance when it doesn’t we will leave a text to let the person know we have tried to contact them

  • The questions would be better asked further on into the school year when the child has progressed through the settling in period

We like to send the questionnaires out earlier so that if there are any issues we can address we can do so as soon as possible if we can.

In addition to the questionnaires, we will also be gathering views from parents on parents evening later in the autumn term

We actively encourage parents to give us feedback. If there is anything you would like clarification on or would like more information on, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Equally, if you have any suggestions we would be more than eager to listen. 
During our parent / child consultation evening in October 2016 we gave parents/carers two post-it notes. We asked on one to write something that we do well, and on the other something that we could do better. We had many responses for which we are very grateful. The results are below: 

What do we do well?

What do we do well? 1
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What could we do better?

What could we do better? 1
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