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School Council

At South Parade Primary School we pride ourselves on listening to our pupils and believe that their voice should be heard when making decisions on how our school is organised, led and managed. 

The School Council is made up of 6 Y6 pupils and also each class throughout school is represented by a Class Rep. 

The year 6 school councillors meet on a weekly basis with Mrs Fieldhouse and Mrs Harrison and are joined at least once per half term by the Class Reps. 

School Council 2017-2018

Our School Councillors this year are listed below. 
We asked them all to sum themselves up in three words - this is what they came up with: 

Joe - sporty, reliable, confident

Millie - funny, sensible, friendly

Skye - funny, athletic, friendly

Max - sporty, funny, helpful

Tai - sporty, funny, kind

Ella - athletic, friendly, sensible

Our Class Rep co-ordinator this year is:

Gracie - athletic, clumsy, sensible

Our Class Reps are:

Class 3: Zachary - friendly, happy, funny

Class 4: Joseph - happy, kind, funny

Class 6: Charley - kind, happy, funny

Class 7: Emily - funny, sensible, friendly

Class 8: Joshua - kind, caring, sensible

Class 9: Katie - listener, responsible, helpful

Class 10: Owen - friendly, kind, sensible

Class 11: Evie - kind, funny, helpful
Class 12: Joe - sporty, cheeky, funny

Class 13: Charlie - kind, responsible, helpful

Class 14:

Class 15: Freya - confident, sporty, friendly




School Council 2016-2017

Welcome to the School Council section of our website. 

We will keep you up to date on here with our latest projects, news and events. 

We are very excited about our role as a School Councillor or Class Rep and are looking forward to the year ahead. 

Meeting the Mayor and attending our first 'real' council meeting.

The School Councillors

The School Councillors 1

Our Class Reps

Our Class Reps 1

Our Class Reps with their Class Rep Co-ordinator, Eloise

Our Class Reps with their Class Rep Co-ordinator, Eloise 1


We were asked to describe ourselves in three words

Our School Councillors:

Carys... athletic, love unicorns

Izzy... funny, kind, sensible

Alfie... sporty, awesome, funny

Mayzi...athletic, funny, friendly

Ben...sporty, funny, sensible

Isabelle...funny, cheerful, helpful

Eloise...approachable, sensible, caring


Our Class Reps:

Lily (Class 3)...kind, friendly, caring

Charley (Class 4)... friendly, kind, funny

Charlotte (Class 6)...friendly, funny, helpful

Holly (Class 7)... kind, helpful, funny

Lexi (Class 8)...kind, caring, helpful

Emma (Class 9)...caring, kind, funny

Ptolemy (Class 10)... funny, sporty, mischievous

Isabel (Class 11)...nice, beautiful, cute

Lexie (Class 12)... caring, helpful, friendly

Ruby (Class 13)...caring, bubbly, helpful