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Miss Kilburn's group: 

Learn and practise letters/sounds oa ar or igh.                                 

Teach and practise reading the high frequency words my, for, too.

Mrs Beresford's group:

Learn and practise letters/sounds sh th ch ng.                                               

Teach and practise reading the high frequency words are, see.

Mrs Hirst's group:

Learn and practise letters/sounds h b f ff.

Teach that ff is usually at the end of a word.

Blend and read the high frequency words no, go, his, him.

Miss Grindrod's group:

Learn and practise letters/sounds s a t p.


Bug Club

Please read one of the books I have set on Bug Club. Remember to look out for the bug icons on each of the pages to take part in the little quizzes.



Our focus book this week is 'Jasper's Beanstalk'. 

Here are some activities for you to do:


- Create your own beanstalk out of junk modelling materials. How tall can you make it? How many leaves can you add? 

- Go on a nature walk around your local area. What can you see? What can you smell? 

Can you see anything growing?



We are focusing on the number 13 this week. 

This is the same as one lot of ten and three more.