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Hello parents, as the news is changing often in regards to Covid - 19 we are ensuring that should your child be absent from school that they have access to some lovely activities at home that they would be doing in school with us.



The children are now settling well into their phonics groups and they are loving being a - Brilliant Badger, Fabulous Fox or a Super Squirrel and working with their adult. We are enhancing our knowledge of sounds even more and are now learning about the use of musical instruments to achieve a sound. we have been doing this through nursery rhymes and traditional tale.


This would be lovely to see at home with your children for example we used the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the use of banging, tapping on our bodies and small drums to make the sound of the bears, triangles for Goldilocks sauntering through the house etc.  You could do this with your child and explore different sounds through the various nursery rhymes and traditional tales. Not only will it better their knowledge of instruments by having those conversations "what instrument could this be and why?" and their listening skills but it will also be a wonderful learning opportunity to broaden your child's imagination levels which we highly encourage at South Parade.


Expressive Art and Design

The children continuing to explore the messy adventure of Expressive Art and Design in our Nursery provision! The children are continuing to make their own marks when drawing - linking to our Half Term topic of Marvellous Me and My Family the children will be exploring the world of chalk drawings and paintings in our outdoor provision this week and also making family figures out of sticks, twigs and leaves that they can find which is taken from our class book this week of "Stickman" this would be a lovely activity to do with your child at home, it is an adventure and fun at the same time!smiley


Number work

The children will be starting special carpet time sessions during Nursery for number and shape work after Half term to ensure they are not too overwhelmed immediately with beginning phonics, story and carpet time groups as well. In the mean time we have been exploring different shapes in our provision and singing some lovely counting songs at carpet time.


This week the children will be linking physical development and number work together! There are going to be hockey sticks in our outdoor provision this week with cones to help the children hit the ball to so they are thinking how far the ball will go if they hit it a certain power. Also to link with our topic we are encouraging the children to discuss family members, we are looking at how tall/ short we are and how that makes us different. This could be a lovely activity to do at home to encourage interesting conversations between you and your child and also to encourage them to use mathematical terminology i.e. tall/ short/ small / big etc.


Counting at home is encouraged, as well when the children return after half term we will have the Nursery setting labelled with numbers to help them with their counting skills but also at tidy up time. 

The children are enjoying listening to some traditional tales at story time and are becoming more confident in repeating phrases from them, I will attach some links to YouTube for parents to play some of these traditional tales for your children if you do not have access to paper copies at home.