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Hello parents, as the news is changing often in regards to Covid - 19 we are ensuring that should your child be absent from school that they have access to some lovely activities at home that they would be doing in school with us. One task can be completed a day over the week should your child be absent. All Home Learning Tasks can be uploaded via Learning Book.



The children are settled well in their phonics groups and are learning all about how we listen to different sounds around us, nursery rhymes, the use of musical instruments and how to use our voices at different volumes.


Home Learning Task -

Think of different things we love at Christmas e.g. Santa, Christmas Trees, Presents, Reindeer etc. and practise clapping these words out when we say them to perfect our rhythm skills.



This week we will be going over everything we know about the numbers 1 - 3.


Home Learning Task -

To design a picture that includes 1, 2 or 3 Christmas items/ objects e.g.

Santa, riding his sleigh with 1 bag of presents, 2 Reindeers helping him fly and 3 houses they need to visit.



This week we are looking at "A letter to Santa" so we know who we need to give our lists for Santa to in time for Christmas.


Expressive Art and Design

This week the children are looking at wonderful winter print pictures to experiment with winter colours and mixing them.


Home Learning Task -

If you can't be with us to mix winter colours- do your own winter pictures at home and take plenty of pictures for us!