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Miss Kilburn's group: 

Practise all Phase 3 letters and sounds.

Teach how to read two-syllable words.

Teach reading the high frequency words all, look, are.

Mrs Beresford's group:

Learn and practise letters/sounds er, air, ure.

Teach reading the high frequency words they, then, them, down.

Mrs Hirst's group:

We are recapping all Phase 2 letters and sounds.

We are practising reading the words I, no, go to, the, into.

Miss Grindrod's group:

Learn and practise letters/sounds s, a, t, p.

Identify initial sounds in words.


Bug Club

Please read one of the books I have set on Bug Club. Remember to look out for the bug icons on each of the pages to take part in the little quizzes.



Our focus book this week is 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. 

Here are some activities for you to do:


- Measuring the height of different objects.

- Discuss feelings: How might Jack be feeling? How might the giant be feeling?

- Using junk modelling and craft materials, create a castle and a beanstalk.

- Encourage different ways of moving such as stomping like the giant, climbing high like Jack, throwing the beans like the Mum.

- Keep a bean diary and monitor how it grows.

- Ordering the size of footprints/shoes from the smallest to the largest.



We are focusing on the number 15 this week.