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Hello parents, as the news is changing often in regards to Covid - 19 we are ensuring that should your child be absent from school that they have access to some lovely activities at home that they would be doing in school with us.


With Halloween not being celebrated the same as previous years, we are making sure that your children have a fabulous week making plenty of fun things for the frightening event of "All Hallows Eve".



The children are now settling well into their phonics groups and they are loving being a - Brilliant Badger, Fabulous Fox or a Super Squirrel and working with their adult. We are enhancing our knowledge of sounds even more and are now learning about the use of musical instruments to achieve a sound. We have been doing this through nursery rhymes and traditional tale. We are also exploring the wonders of musical instruments through making short pieces, patterns and rhythms. 


Expressive Art and Design

The children continuing to explore the messy adventure of Expressive Art and Design in our Nursery provision! The children are continuing to make their own marks when drawing - linking to our Half Term topic of Marvellous Me and My Family the children will be exploring the world of chalk drawings and paintings in our outdoor provision this week and also it is Halloween week!!! PUMPKINS, WITCHES, POTIONS, CAULDRONS, AND MUCH MORE! With this in mind we would LOVE to see some of the freaky creations you can make at home. We are encouraging the children to draw, paint or design their own pumpkin to take home and stick in their windows at home to have a similar feel to the rainbows we had in our windows during Lockdown, we thought this could be a lovely idea to do in school and at home.


Number work

The children will be starting special carpet time sessions during Nursery for number and shape work after Half term to ensure they are not too overwhelmed immediately with beginning phonics, story and carpet time groups as well. In the mean time we have been exploring different shapes in our provision and singing some lovely counting songs at carpet time.


We are counting wriggly worms for our wraps, spiders for our stews and measuring our ingredients to make incredible potions this week in Nursery!


Counting at home is encouraged, as well when the children return after half term we will have the Nursery setting labelled with numbers to help them with their counting skills but also at tidy up time. 

Our focus at story time is a fabulous book called "Octopants" which explores colours and counting skills in one! The children are beginning to comment on the story and what they can see which is brilliant. We are also looking at stories that involves our families to link with our "Marvellous Me" topic. If we can encourage these types of stories at home so the children are surrounded by our "family feel" that would be super!smiley