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Hello parents, as the news is changing often in regards to Covid - 19 we are ensuring that should your child be absent from school that they have access to some lovely activities at home that they would be doing in school with us. One task can be completed a day over the week should your child be absent.


It is the start of a new half term and we are so excited for all the wonderful learning opportunities we have planned for your children. This half term is all about people who help us, special celebrations including Bonfire Night, Diwali and of course Christmas!



The children are settled well in their phonics groups and are learning all about how we listen to different sounds around us, nursery rhymes and how to use our voices at different volumes.


Home Learning Task - to sing your favourite nursery rhyme twice. First time quietly and softly and the second time loudly (learning book can be used for pictures).



We are starting to look at numbers in Nursery, we will have a focus of a number for two weeks with sessions and continuous provision, and we are starting with the number 1. We will be learning about how when we count we start with 1 and how we write it using our special rhymes. We will also be linking this to shapes where we will learn all about the circle and how this links to our number 1.


Home Learning Task -

To watch Numberblocks video -1

To practice number formation for number 1 using our special rhyme

"A straight line down and then you're done, that's the way to make a 1"


Expressive Art and Design

This week we are learning about Bonfire Night and how firefighters are there to help us should we need them.

Home Learning Task - to use different colours and materials to design and create their own fireworks.


Story time

This week we are looking at a wide range of "Fireman Sam" stories to understand the importance of Firefighters.