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Hello parents, as the news is changing often in regards to Covid - 19 we are ensuring that should your child be absent from school that they have access to some lovely activities at home that they would be doing in school with us. One task can be completed a day over the week should your child be absent. All Home Learning Tasks can be uploaded via Learning Book.


Welcome back everybody, myself and Miss Jolliffe have missed seeing you all and are very excited to have you back in school!



The children are settled well in their phonics groups and are learning all about how we listen to different sounds around us, nursery rhymes, the use of musical instruments and how to use our voices at different volumes.


Home Learning Task -

To hide different items in a box and the children have to guess what each item is by listening to them move around the box.

Keeper of the Keys - this is a game the children have been learning this week and have enjoyed in Fabulous Foxes group. Hide the keys around the room and your child has to find it - if they are close to finding them they are "hot" if they are not they are "cold".



Our number focus for the next 2 weeks is Number 3, we are learning to count 3 actions, number formation, representing this number on fingers and mark making and also a particular 3 sided shape - the triangle!!


Home Learning Task -

To watch Numberblocks video -3

To practice number formation for number 3 using our special rhyme

"Around the tree, around the tree that's the way we make a 3"

To go on a shape hunt around your house - can you find any triangles?



This week we have been looking at one of our favourite stories to link in with our maths and police theme this week... The 3 Little Pigs!


Expressive Art and Design

This week the children are learning about the Number 3 but also about the Police and how they help us in our community.

We are doing our own paintings of a Police Officer, making "Three Little Pig" Puppets" doing "Fantastic Fingerprints" and getting to know what happens at a busy police station and much more.


Home Learning Task -

To design and make your own "3 Little Pig" puppets.

To do your own unique "Fantastic Fingerprints".

To design a wanted poster for the "Big Bad Wolf".