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Hello all!

Now that all children will be back in Nursery from 8th March I have put together a list of some activities you can do at home should you find your child is absent/ poorly.


This week our book focus is Pirates Love Underpants, I will attach a link for you to watch the book being read online if you do not have this at home.


Here are some activities you can do at home this week.


1) Build your own pirate ship using building blocks/lego/ cardboard boxes.

2) Your mummies and daddies could send you on a treasure hunt around your house.

3) Design your own pair of underpants with lots of colours, shapes and patterns.

4) In a small tub your mummies and daddies could put your own "treasures" in the water for you to find and fish out - how many did you find?!
5) How many pairs of your underpants can you count at home?


Enjoy boys and girls. ARRRRRRRRRRR!!!