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Class 12 Mr Lewty

Good afternoon,
Unfortunately I am not in school at the moment. I am having to isolate due to contracting the dreaded Covid 19!
Homework will be as follows:
NO spellings this week - this will commence when both Mr Tyrell and myself are back in.
Home reading to continue as normal.
You will be given a solar system sheet (which will be completed over the next 2 weeks)
They are expected to decorate on one side and on the reverse - we would like at least 10 interesting facts about the Solar system - could be about any of the planets, the sun, or anything else out there.

Thank you
Mr Lewty 

Homework for this week is as follows -
A comprehension sheet, which can be written on and returned
Reading books to be returned on Monday

Miss Murphy's spelling group
impossible important improper immature impatient

Mr Lewty / Mr Tyrrell -spelling group
Symbol mystery lyrics oxygen symptom physical system typical crystal rhythm

Please return homework and home reading On Monday

Thank you.

Mr Lewty / Mr Tyrrell

Homework 24.9.21


Home reading and homework was handed out yesterday.
The maths homework can be completed on the sheet.
Spellings Mr Lewty / Mr Tyrrell's group
ambitious cautious fictitious infectious nutritious
contentious superstitious pretentious anxious obnoxious
Miss Murphy's group
Inactive incorrect insecure incomplete indecisive

Homework and home reading to be returned on Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Lewty

Homework - 16th September

Good afternoon,
Homework for this week, we would like children to design and colour their own imaginary planet on the sheet provided. When this has been completed we would like them to write a setting description using adventurous vocabulary as if they have just landed on it. Use the 5 senses to help with their writing.
Home reading will also handed out tonight.
Spellings will be given out tomorrow for the following week.
Please return homework on or before Monday 20th September.

Many thanks

Mr Lewty

Homework / Spellings 10th September 2021


Good afternoon everyone,
The children have had a really good week and have settled in really well. I'm sure they are going to have a great year.
We have sent out a list of statutory year 3/4 spellings that the children should know. We don't expect the children to learn every word on this list, of course if they already know the word they don't need to practice it.
Myself and Mr Tyrrell will select 10 of the spellings at random (which will be more suitable for their English) from this sheet next Friday. This will also help us to make judgements and for the arrangement for our spelling groups.

Have a lovely weekend

Mr Lewty


Welcome to Year 5!

Class teacher - Mr Lewty

Teaching assistant - Miss Thorpe

Teaching assistant - Miss Murphy

PPA cover -Mrs Rowland


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