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Class 7 Miss Kilburn

Covid-19 Class 7 latest update


Thank you for taking your child for a PCR test following the advice last week. This helped us to identify further cases of children who were asymptomatic. If you have not taken your child yet for a PCR test please can we ask that you do so that every possible measure is taken to prevent further spread. 

This morning we have had further conversations with our local public health team regarding the rise in positive cases in class 7. We have collectively decided that for Class 7 (as there is a significant number of positive cases), that we will for this week give the option of remote home learning or to remain in school. 

If you decide to keep your child off school to conduct home learning for the remainder of this week, this will be authorised.

These are exceptional circumstances due to the high number of cases in this particular class. The year 2 classes are currently operating as separate bubbles which has managed to contain the spread. 

We will continue to keep you updated and thank you once again for your support. 

Coronavirus update Class 7


We are writing to inform you that we have had a rise in cases of Covid-19 in Class 7.

Whilst we don't want to alarm you, we always like to be transparent and keep you informed and up to date. 

We have taken advice from our local public health team who are currently in conversations with us. Their advice so far is:

  •  For ALL pupils and staff in Class 7 to book a PCR test as soon as possible. Children CAN still attend school whilst waiting for their results as long as they are not displaying any symptoms. We are aware that test services are busy so if their appointment is during the school day, please make sure you phone the office before 9.10 to order their dinner. You can book a test online or by phoning 119. 
  • The children will eating their lunches in classrooms for as short a period as possible and will be in their own bubbles both inside and outside - please be assured that we will monitor this daily


We will continue to follow public health advice and will keep you up to date. 

We are doing everything we possibly can to minimise any disruption to the children's education, however your child and family's health is paramount. 


Thank you for your continued support.


Option to choose when booking PCR test online



Start time: 8:50am.

Finish time: 3:20pm.  



Please come to school in your P.E kit.

Choose the school P.E kit that is suitable for the weather.



White t-shirt

Black shorts 



White t-shirt

Black shorts 


Plain tracksuits/leggings can be worn in winter


Reading books - 

Books will be changed two times per week on a Tuesday and a Friday

Please ensure you return books on or before Friday morning if they are sent out on a Tuesday and on or before Friday morning if they are sent out on a Tuesday.


When you receive a new book, please read the book more than once as this provides the opportunity for your child to build their fluency. Once you have read the book several times and your child builds their understanding of the text, then please ask them multiple questions about what they have read. I have attached a question stem bookmark to help you with the type of questioning they are exposed to in Year 2. Please keep up with home reading as this is an extremely important area of learning. The children will receive rewards for regular reading at home.