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At South Parade we use a variety of software packages including, Espresso Coding and Scratch to help us achieve our Computer Science objectives. 


Computer Science


Year 1: To create simple programmes.


Year 2: To create and debug simple programmes.


Year 3: To design, write and debug programmes.


Year 4:  To design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals.


Year 5: To design, write and debug programmes. that accomplish specific goals: including controlling or stimulating physical systems.


Year 6: To design, write and debug programmes. that accomplish specific goals: including controlling or stimulating physical systems and solving problems by decomposing them into smaller parts.

The Espresso Coding resource is split into year groups with a starter, and 2 units for each (apart from year 1). 


Progression of units Y1-Y6

Progression of units Y1-Y6 1
The year 2 starter unit, for example, is split into 3 sections, which review and recap the objectives taught in year 1.
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Once the starter units are finished in each year group, there are a further 2 units with up to 7 sessions in each.
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Lesson plans for each unit show clear progression throughout each year group. Please see the sample lesson plan which also highlights cross curricular links.
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