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If your child is not in school because they are isolating, they need to still be doing learning from home. Weekly tasks and learning will be added here. Send completed work on Class Dojo. Thank you.

5th July 2021

This week in Maths we are revising the key concepts from Year 1. We have used Hit the Button game online to help us (click link below)

1. Click on the Number Bonds button

2. Then play the games on Numbers to 10 and Numbers to 20.

3. This will help your child revise number bonds to 10 (pairs of numbers that make 10), bonds to 20 (pairs of numbers that make 20) and also addition and subtraction using numbers to 10 then to 20.


The following booklet contains a range of questions involving addition and subtraction:

In Phonics we have been revising the different ways to write the long 'a' sound, such as ai, ay, a-e, a on its own.  The following worksheets give your child a chance to practise them.