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Today we are looking at handwriting! I know this is a sticking point for lots of children and something we have worked really hard on in school. We have really high standards for our handwriting at South Parade. All children in year 2 should be forming their letters correctly and neatly, sitting their writing on the line, using a clear finger space between each letter. We also look for letters being a consistent size, with capital letters being larger.

We have a new area on our school website: ‘The Handwriting Hub’, where you can see an example of our handwriting policy. This has changed in the last year as we now follow a pre-cursive font, rather than the joined cursive font.  The website also has access to handwriting paper to practise on if you have a printer- we recommend size 3 paper for Year 2 children.


So your task today is to practise your handwriting. On normal paper (with lines) or the handwriting paper from the website please can you write:

  • The alphabet in lowercase   A B C D E ect
  • The alphabet in uppercase   a b c d e etc

(Make sure your ascenders are tall and your descends have a tail below the line eg.  y,p,j,g)

  • Your full name, your address, your favourite colour and favourite TV programme.

For example:

Miss Amy Smith

23, South Street



My favourite colour is purple.

My favourite TV programme is Blue Peter


*There is also an online activity on the website which allows you to practise letter formation using a tablet.