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Monday and Tuesday


Today and tomorrow we would like you to plan, write and publish a letter to your teacher. This letter will be to either Mrs Brealey or Mrs Thomas and will be a chance for you to share how you have found home learning, what activities you have enjoyed, any news to share and importantly to express how you are feeling about going back to school including any worries you may have, but also to say what you are looking forward to too. We would like you to send these letters to us on DoJo so that we can read them in preparation for your return on the 8th March.

I have uploaded an example letter that may give you some ideas of what to include and how to structure it.

Key writing skills to include:

  • Capital letters for the start of EVERY sentence!
  • Capital letters for names of people and places (proper nouns)
  • Full Stops at the end of a sentence, (or ? ! )
  • Try and include some conjunctions to extend your sentence (and, but ,because, so etc)
  • Form your letters correctly and sit writing on the line (think about our new handwriting style)
  • Use your phonics to sound out words you are unsure about

We have planned two lessons (today and tomorrow) for this letter writing task. You could plan today and write up tomorrow. Or you could write a draft today and edit and improve tomorrow.

*Model letter uploaded

Letter example to help with Monday and Tuesday