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In English this week we have been looking at the life of Charles Dickens.

Watch this clip and try to think about the major incidents in his life.

Charles Dickens clip.


See if you can find the names of any of the books Charles Dickens wrote and the dates when they were published. 

We have also been looking at coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Have a go at these.

We are starting to write descriptively in lessons and are trying to create atmosphere in our writing. Write about this picture creating suspense and conveying the spooky nature of the setting. Imagine you are approaching the castle try to write descriptively to make the reader understand that the place is scary and make the reader feel uneasy.


We have been looking at similes, metaphors and personification in lessons. Can you use these to write a descriptive paragraph about two children who are exploring a haunted graveyard. You could draw a picture of the graveyard, based on what you have written in your description.