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Healthy Island - our winning app

Healthy Island is an app, designed for 7-11 year olds, which encourages children to think about health and well-being choices whilst playing fun games. What's more - it was designed by a group of year 6 children from Wakefield schools!


In September 2016, Class 14 entered the Schools App Challenge which was to improve the existing Healthy Island app and to design a whole new city within the game.

October 2016 - Live link with Microsoft tech support

To help us with designing our apps, we had live link-ups with Emma (who is in charge of School App Challenge) and Lillian who is a technical advisor for Microsoft.


After a Dragon's Den style presentation in front of the rest of Class 14, years 3,4 and 5 class reps, Miss Wilby and Mrs Peace, the winning group was announced.

Every group had worked really well together and had come up with some brilliant ideas, concepts and research. But it was the 'Sleep Ninjas' and their concept of 'SleepyTown' that won through.

The Sleep Ninjas now only have a couple of weeks to finalise their ideas and upload them onto the competition website.


SleepyTown is about the importance of good sleep health. Not getting enough sleep can lead to other problems such as irritability, gaining too much weight or muscle problems. It explains what can lead to better sleep including switching off all devices an hour before you go to sleep. Do you do that? It has a quiz and a great platform game called Cloud Jump.



We're in the final!

The Sleep Ninjas have just 3 weeks in which to perfect their presentation. They will have to present their design to a panel of judges, which will include managers from Microsoft!


January 2017


The Sleep Ninjas went to Unity House in Wakefield along with finalists from 5 other schools. They had to take their concept boards, their research and handouts for the judges. They also had to deliver a 10 minute presentation in front of a panel of 6 leading health professionals and coding experts. It was a nerve-wracking day but the Sleep Ninjas were absolutely brilliant!



As we were runners-up, we get to visit Rare Studios near Birmingham. Rare Studios belong to Microsoft and they are currently coding the upcoming X-box multi-million blockbuster 'Sea of Thieves'. Also, the judging panel were that impressed with our game design that they have decided to make 'Cloud Jump' and include it into Healthy Island. We were not expecting that! They were originally only going to build the winning team's game.

Check out SleepyTown's winning presentation

Visit to Microsoft - 30 June 2017

We had a great time at Microsoft. We were allowed to have a go on the augmented reality headsets - 'The HoloLens'. These are not available for personal use, so only a handful of people in the entire country have used them. (If your business would like one, they are £4000 each!) We saw the latest developments for the game Sea of Thieves, which should be ready for release in early 2018. We dressed up as pirates - why not? We recorded pirate singing for the game. We also had to deliver our SleepyTown presentation again but this time in front of a group of Microsoft directors. That wasn't at all scary! In fact, we had the most amazing time.

If you want to play our game Cloud Jump, then download Healthy Island and go to the Peaceful Paradise section. See the link at the top of the page.


The app works better on a mobile or tablet because you have to turn the screen


Good luck. Can you defeat Doom Pig?

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