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Week Commencing 10th January 2022



Week Commencing 3rd January 2022


Maths 1 - first watch this video: 



Task 1 - Children to think about their favourite toy. They then need to draw in on the attached sheet with lots of details and then write describing words at the side. Think of what it looks like, what it feels like, any sound it makes, how to moves, how to play with it, etc.

Task 2

Now you have collected lots of words and ideas about your favourite toy, now you need to put those ideas into sentences. Use this sheet to help you use correct letter formation by using the special lines.


We are beginning to look at everyday materials.

Lesson 1:

First, watch this video to learn about different materials that objects are made from:


Then, have a hunt around your house - can you find objects made from each of the materials?


Finally, complete either page 1 or page 2 of this document - you choose:


Lesson 2


Now we will learn to know the difference between the name of the object and the name of the material it is made from.

First, watch this (turn the sound off) and after each set of objects can you shout out which material is being shown before the word comes on the screen? See if you remember them from yesterday:



Now look at the following presentation and use the information to help you complete the worksheet.

Week beginning 29th November 2021

Topic - we are making posters about London. Look at the landmarks using twinkl/go access code JB7921 and choose some that you think others would like to visit. Get a large piece of paper and write Visit London in the middle. Then draw pictures and write the name of landmarks they would enjoy visiting.


Maths - we are counting back on a number-line to subtract. Watch this short video on Youtube -  Then go to twinkl/go access code JB9385 and complete the first worksheet to practise this.


Reading/Phonics - read these two books on twinkl/go access code 3619


Writing - we are making cornflake crispies by melting chocolate in the microwave until it is runny. We then will add cornflakes and mix. Lastly we will put them in cupcake liners/bun cases to harden. When they are set, we will eat them! Once we have made them, we will write instructions how to make them. Perhaps you could do this at home!

Week Beginning 15th November 2021

Go to and enter the relevant pin codes to access resources for the following subjects:

Maths - JB3214  We are learning about subtraction

Phonics - JB4296 Phase 4 blending consonants - two ebooks are also linked

Geography - JB5137 All about the four countries of the United Kingdom plus information about London and her landmarks

PSHE - JB5189 Learn all about kindness

Week Beginning 8th November 2021



If you go to and enter pin code JB5416 you will find phonics resources - we have just started Phase 4. There are two PowerPoints and an Activity Booklet.



If you go to and enter the pin code JB2950 you will find maths resources - a PowerPoint and also activity sheets. We are revising bonds to 10 and addition.



Interactive reading books have been saved using the pin JB8365.


This week we will also be learning about Diwali in our RE lessons (resources on with pin code JB4738.


On Thursday we will be commemorating Remembrance Day (resources on with pin code JB4837



Week Commencing 20th September 2021