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Please see below for lots of links to support short-term home learning. You may wish to access some of these links if your child is at home self-isolating or awaiting a test result. We will change these links every few weeks to ensure they are relevant for our learning in class.

For the next two weeks we will be learning the formal written method for addition and subtraction. These methods are often new to most parents so I will post images of how to complete these calculations. It is really important that they learn our school way, as this method builds on and advances as they move into KS2 when their place value is secure and ready for more traditional column methods.

*We only work with 2 digit numbers (tens and ones) in year 2, so please don't move on to introducing hundreds just yet.

Calculation methods

Topic grid. Here is a document with lots of activities that you can complete at home. Activities include: Science, English, Art etc. *Our current topic is Fire and Ice, centered around 'The Great Fire of London'

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