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Listen to the story above.


We are going to be designing a poster about your favourite toy. Think about your favourite toy you have at home. The Hocotopize had lost his favourite toy. His toy was called Cuddles. What is your toy called?


When we are making our poster’s, we need to make sure that the picture looks exactly like your toy at home otherwise we will not be able to find it. Think about the type of toy. Is it an animal? Is it a doll? What colour is your toy? Does it have any patterns?


You will need to write the word Lost at the top of the page so that everyone knows what your poster is about.

 You will need to  write two sentences, identifying sounds, using finger spaces and focusing on letter formation.

 Sentence one starts with

His name is… / Her name is 

He is… She is (colour).


Try to get your child to independently sound out the words.