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Welcome to our new half term. We will be learning about Traditional Tales.


This week we start our new book Little Red Riding Hood.

Have you red this story before?

Do you know who the characters are in the book?

What does Little Red Riding Hood Wear?


There is a link to the story if you do not have one at home.


Task 1 

Have a go at drawing a picture of little red riding hood.

Check that you are holding your pencil properly!


Verbally describe her ...

E.g She has a long red hood.


Task 2 

Talk about the wolf, what kind of a character do you think he is? Good or bad? Why do you think this.

Have a go at writing a sentence about his personality or what he looks like.

Pointy teeth.

Yellow eyes.



I think the wolf is... scary, bad, angry.


OR easier:


The wolf has pointy teeth.


Try to use a descriptive word to include in your sentence.

Remember to use:

Capital letters, finger spaces, full stop.