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This week we are looking at Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.


Here are some activities you can do at home:


1- Read/watch the story again.

Discuss the part of the story about baby bear having a picnic.

Who had had a picnic before? What did you need?

Sit in a circle and lay a blanket out.

Pretend you are baby bear, what would you need to take to the moon for your picnic?


Can you write a sentence - I would need...  (e.g cup, drink, biscuit)


When writing with you child it is to be expected that they write would - 'wud' this is fine and they are using their phonics knowledge!


Can they remember to use finger spaces and a full stop?




2- Talk about what we have in our cupboards at home.

What can you see in the cupboard in Whatever Next? Hat, mop, coat, box, bag etc

Have a look at the document below. 

Can you write a sentence starting with 


I can see a... 


Have a go.

What do you need at the end of the sentence?