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Aliens Love Underpants

By Claire Freedman


This week we are reading our new book - Aliens Love Underpants

This story is all about Aliens who fly down to Earth in their spaceship and go and try on everyone's underpants! 


Click the link below to read/listen to the story.


1 - Using the connective 'and'


and is one of our tricky words.

This word helps us to join other important words together to create an interesting sentence!


Look at the worksheet via the documents. 

Pick a pair of pants.

Identify the colour and pattern - talk to your child about how this would help someone know which pair of pants you were choosing. These are a great way to describe something and makes our sentences even better.


Then put into a sentence like my example below.


Modeled sentence - 

I can see blue and stripey pants.


Please remember:

Capital letters

Finger spaces 

Full stops

2 - Draw an outline of pants.


Can you design and label the pants?

You could draw:





Colour these in and write a sentence.

e.g I can see blue and spotty pants.