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Marvellous Me

Autumn term 1 

Throughout this half term we have focused on the children's Personal, Social and Emotional development.


We have helped each other to develop a positive sense of ourselves and form good relationships. We have also been learning to manage our feelings and have confidence in our own abilities.


Take a look at all of our wonderful work...

Self portraits



Our baby photos

We enjoyed looking at pictures from when we were babies and discussed what is different now to back then.

Bella identified that when she was a baby she could not talk but now she can.


Jessica identified that when she was a baby she could not skip but now she can skip really fast. 


The 5 senses

We really enjoyed learning about the five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. We went on a 'sense walk' to find/identify different things and recorded these in the correct box.


Body parts

We have been learning about the different organs in our body and their functions. 

After making his split pin body, Louie said "I've done my brain, heart and lungs and they are organs."

Bram said "My brain makes me think and my heart pumps blood all around."