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4th January 2021
This week we are looking at numbers 11 to 20. We are discovering how these numbers are made of one group of ten and then some more - we begin to understand place value in 2 digit numbers. For example in 15 we have 1 group of 10 and then 5 ones.
14th December 2020
Understanding Money
Children will learn to recognise coins and their value. They will understand that coins can be added together to make different values. They should know that 100 pence makes one pound. Check that your children understand that the size of the count isn't always relevant - for example a 5p coin is smaller than a 2p coin but is worth more.
They will then begin to add coins together to find out how much.

23rd November 2020

We are beginning to look at subtraction. Firstly we will be taking away. We will do this with objects. Then we will use pictures and cross out to find how many are left.

16th November

This week we are working on addition, first by counting all the items then moving up counting on.

9th November 2020 - Number bonds to 10

This week we are exploring the pairs of numbers that make 10.


The goal is for children to memorise and know by heart the pairs of numbers that make 10. Once they have found the pairs, help them to memorise them.

White Rose Maths Booklet

Home-Learning 5.11.2020 - We are looking at ways to make different numbers up to 10. This activity is a fun way to find all the ways to make numbers 3 to 9.

Home-Learning Booklet - Place value to 10 - understanding numbers

This week we are learning to sort using different criteria - for example, we have sorted bears by their colour (all red together, blue together, etc) and by size (all small together, medium together and large together). We even sorted transport by colour, whether it has wheels or not, whether it flies or not. We looked at all different ways that we can sort things. Then, we counted the objects we had sorted.  This fun game helps to practise these concepts.

Your child will be bringing home a letter about a new maths game that we have subscribed to called NumBots that can be played on laptops/ipads/phones etc. Please register their details using the information on the letter.  The game involves key skills in maths that children develop in EYFS and KS1. Answering questions unlocks new levels and there are two different modes they can play. The first is Story Mode for Understanding where the emphasis is on mathematical concepts. The second mode is Challenge Mode for Recall where the emphasis is on rapid responses to essential facts and simple sums, against the clock.


As part of home-learning - aim for your child to play in Story Mode for three minutes four to five times a week. Little and often is the key.