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Monday 19th July





Solve the clues to find out some facts about Miss Fabregas. 



Topic Revision


This week, we're going to spend 1 lesson each day recapping things that we have covered throughout Year 3. This is helpful because it reminds us, which means that it's more likely to stick in your brain for longer!

By far, one of our favourite topics this year has been volcanoes.


I've linked a website that has some videos about volcanoes. Watch them and read any writing near the videos too. At the bottom of the page, there is a very short quiz. If you get one wrong, don't worry! Go back and answer the questions until you manage to get all 5 questions correct. 





Today, we are going to learn our colours. We have a YouTube video to watch (linked below) and then a colour by numbers to complete. You have a choice for which picture you'd like to colour in, so please don't feel like you have to do them all. 


If you haven't got access to a printer, you could create your own colour by numbers sheet. Have a look at the examples below to help. You could draw your own picture (a flower might be a good idea) and then number each section of the picture. On the side, create a key using colours in French and then colour it in!

A mat to help you to remember the colours:

Extension: Create your own! You can use one of these templates to help if you'd like.