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Further information about re-opening 1st June

Dear parents / carers,


We hope all our families are safe and well.


We would like to give you some further information regarding re-opening for certain year groups on 1st June (providing the government and the local authority go ahead with the decision). 


We have been planning non-stop, trying to ensure we cover all angles to make sure the children and staff in school are as safe as possible in the circumstances. 

The children will be split up in their year groups into 'bubbles' of no more than 12 children (DFE guidance states a maximum of 15). These bubbles will stay together and won't mix with any children in any of the other bubbles. The same staff will also work in the same bubbles. If any member of the bubble becomes ill with symptoms of coronavirus then the whole bubble will have to stay off school. That person will then be tested and if clear, children and staff in the bubble will be able to return. This will usually be within 48 hours. 



Nursery           x 1 morning, x 1 afternoon

Reception     x 3 (C1, C2, C3)

Year 1             x 3 (C6, C7, C8)

Year 6             x 4 (C12, C13, C14, C15)

Key Workers  x 2 (C10, C11)


We will inform parents next week which classroom bubble your child will be in and with which adult/s. Classroom doors will be numbered on the outside as we are aware it may be a classroom that you are unfamiliar with. 


Each bubble area of school will have a ‘bubble support person’ – these members of staff will help with photocopying, admin, collecting lunches from hall etc.

This will help to reduce movement around school. 


Nursery and Reception children will have their temperature taken each morning with a digital thermometer and temperature above 37.8 or greater then child will be sent home.


Staggered timings & access to school

  • Nursery           8.50-11.50 & 12.30-3.30         Bottom gate – beside vehicle access
  • Reception     9.10 – 3.10                              Bottom gate – beside vehicle access
  • Year 1             9.00 – 3.15                              Back gate
  • Year 6             8.45 – 3.05                              Any gate (no parents on grounds)
  • Key workers   8.50 – 3.20                              Top gate (near main entrance)



  • Classrooms to have 12 desks maximum 
  • Any soft toys, furnishings etc. will be remove
  • Book cases will be out of bounds
  • No cups for children (if absolutely necessary use a disposable cup from C5 and throw away) Water bottles must be brought to school
  • Children will have bands – one colour for each bubble (to go in the dishwasher after lunch time)
  • Every classroom will have a bottle of disinfectant – staff will continually clean most used surfaces, door handles etc.
  • Ipads + laptops will  be on a rota for children to use
  • We will also time table the garden area for  children to access 
  • Each child will have their own tray or plastic wallet with stationery in it, this will not be used by any other child



  • Every bubble will have a zone which can be accessed any time during the day including playtimes and lunchtimes
  • Outdoor learning to be done as much as possible
  • No playground equipment or PE equipment to be used (unless same piece of equipment used by child then disinfected afterwards by staff)
  • Y6 children will be on the field (markings to be done in preparation x 4 zones)
  • KS1 playground to be zoned for Reception children (x2)
  • KS2 playground to be zoned for Year 1 pupils (x3)
  • KS1 grass area – Key Worker children



  • Corridors will be taped down the middle



  • Children on school dinners will be having a ‘grab bag’ which cooks will prepare (the online dinner payment system will be in place again from 1st June) 
  • Lunch will be eaten in classrooms
  • Lunchtime supervisors will oversee zoned areas outside 



  • Children to only use toilets one at a time
  • They must wash hands for 20 seconds (please keep reinforcing this


As you can appreciate, with the increased numbers of children and staff in school, this will change our approach to home learning. 

The workload will shift towards classroom based teaching so they will not be able to spend as much time managing home learning.


The children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will no longer be provided with work via class Dojo. If you have made the decision not to return your child to school, please access our home learning page on our school website. Both BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy provide daily lessons.  There is a tab on our school website under children, labelled 'Home Learning', here you will find additional resources to further support home learning. 

The children in Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 will continue to be provided with home learning resources by their teacher via Dojo; however there will be less content compared to before, as teachers will have less time to commit to this. 


We hope we can see you all before too long as the world slowly shifts towards something approaching some sort of normality. We really do miss you all so much.


Take care everyone and stay safe.


The staff at South Parade.