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In other news...

In other news…

It seems that all we update you on is to do with arrangements surrounding Covid-19. So we thought it would be good to update you on other things happening in school.


Mr. Shaw, who has been teaching at South Parade since 1998, will be retiring at the end of this term. This is a great loss to the school as Mr Shaw is a fantastic teacher. However, we are very fortunate that he will be staying with us in a different capacity. He will still be teaching 3 days per week but rather than as a class teacher, will be supporting groups of pupils in year 5 and 6. We are also fortunate that we have recruited a new year 6 teacher, Mrs Whiteley, who has a real wealth of experience and is very much looking forward to teaching here at South Parade.


Miss Jolliffe, who has been our Nursery teacher since 1997, has made the decision that she would like to ‘hand over the baton’ and become a Nursery Nurse, fortunately for us, still giving all her fantastic expertise to our setting. We will welcome Miss Kent in September as our new Nursery teacher. 


We appreciate all of the years of loyalty and commitment that both teachers have given to South Parade over the years and welcome them both staying on in their different roles.


We also welcomed Miss Fabregas and Miss Haley to our teaching team after Easter, they are both looking forward to having their classes in from September and meeting them all in real life rather than online!


Miss Haley is our year 4 teacher and Miss Fabregas is covering Mrs Yates’ maternity leave in year 3.  We are thrilled with the news that Mrs Yates had a gorgeous baby girl, Esther – known as Essie.


We look forward to seeing you all again soon and will share our plans next week in preparation for our September return.