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Dear Parents/carers


Thank you for bearing with us through this challenging and uncertain time whilst we try and set up a school system based on the latest information from the Government.


We will be opening school for a limited number of places which will ensure that our priority children and our children whose parents are working on the ‘front-line’ jobs are able to work hard to try and overcome this situation that our country finds itself in.


Your child has been offered a place and you have spoken to a member of our staff to say that you would like to accept this.

During this unknown period of time, there will of course be some changes to our school to help us run on limited staff and in a smaller part of our building.

I hope the list below will help with some information:



Children to wear a ‘relaxed’ uniform but we would like your child to wear our school jumper/cardigan please. PE kits will be needed as we will do as much outdoor learning as possible



We will provide a meal for all pupils who are with us. Please could you let us know if you would require a school meal or if you would rather provide a packed lunch.  



The school will be running across 4 classrooms please use the classroom doors:

All nursery aged/Reception aged pupils to go into nursery via the nursery entrance.

Y1/2 pupils will be based in class 4

Y3/4 pupils will be based in class 10

Y5/6 pupils will be based in class 15

Teachers and Tas will be taking the classes on a rota style system


Collection times

Please can you let us know how you wish for your child to get home after school has finished on the days that they are in. These systems may be different to previous arrangements.

You can do this by either sending a note to the teacher on your child's first day with your arrangements OR by letting the member of staff know when you drop off at the classroom door.

Shift workers

If you are on a shift pattern can you please let us know as soon as possible when you will have your pupil in school so that we can plan meals and registers.


If your child no longer requires a school place during this period, then please can you let the school office know as soon as possible.


Just a reminder, if your child develops a temperature above 37.8 degrees or a new continuous cough then please DO NOT send your child to school. You must self-isolate.

If any of these symptoms occur at school we will be sending your child home.


If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to ask.


Thank you for all of your continued support and your hard work in the role you do to support our community. We look forward to seeing your child in school next week.


Take care and look after each other,

Mrs Peace and the staff at South Parade