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New classes and report collection

Dear parents / carers,


Please see information below which outlines which class your child will be in from September.


Also, you will find a time slot for collection of your child's school report. It would be fantastic if you could bring along your child, as this will be an opportunity for them to say farewell to their class teacher who will be on the playground during this time. 

If you are unable to make your allocated time slot, there are two further collection times available on Friday 10th July. 

If you have more than one child in school and can only make one time slot, you will be able to collect all reports. 

All this will be done with social distancing in place. 


If your child is already in school, they will get their report sent home with them. If your child is in a 'key worker' bubble they will bring their report home next week too. Teachers will make sure they say good bye to those children whilst they are in school. 


We look forward to seeing you all! 


Thank you.