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Plans for September

Guidance from the Department for Education was released last week. We have used this to make our plans ready for September which we will share with you.


  • Children will continue to have staggered starts into school, please see revised times. Only one adult per child/family when dropping off/collecting.

Nursery: normal times (bottom gate)

Reception: 8.50-3.20 (bottom gate)

Year 1 + 2: 9.00-3.15 (top or back gate)

Year 3 + 4: 9.05-3.10 (bottom gate)

Year 5 + 6: 8.45-3.05 (any gate, enter on their own)

  • Dinners: the school dinner menu will include a sandwich option or one warm option each day, to be eaten in classrooms. Dinners are £2.19 per day, please use our online payment system to either pay in advance or pay weekly. (Rec, Y1 + Y2 children will continue to receive universal free school meals). 

  • During playtimes and lunchtimes, children will continue to play in their allocated zones.

  • Uniform: children are expected to come back in full uniform, however because we are encouraged to spend more time outside, children can wear black trainers if they wish. On PE days, children can come in their (correct) PE kits with a school jumper over the top. This should be white t-shirt and black shorts / black tracksuit bottoms / black leggings. 

  • Children are not to bring in any of their own stationery or equipment apart from a water bottle, they may bring a school bag for reading books if they wish

  • School reading books: books will be sent home for the week on a specified day, children to return books on a specified day where they will place them in a box etc to be quarantined for 72 hours before changing. Teachers will share more details in September. 

  • All classes will be in class bubbles (maximum 30) apart from year 6 who will be in a year group bubble due to setting and having 3 teachers. If a child or member of staff in the bubble has a confirmed case of Covid-19 then the whole bubble and their families would have to isolate for 14 days. If this situation was to happen then the teacher of the bubble (unless ill) would go back to the home learning model using class dojo as the online platform

  • Guidance states that PPA, management time etc is allowed to go ahead as less risk if adults move around, not children. Staff are to remain 2 metres apart (where possible) from children in classrooms. Set up of classrooms should involve desks facing forwards in rows (where possible) with children sitting side by side and facing forwards

  • Sports coaches, peripatetic music teachers (in some capacity information to be shared soon), SEN support etc are allowed in school but must follow strict social distancing and hygiene

  • There will be no after school sports clubs for at least the first week –we will be sending letters out for clubs during week one 

  • Early Birds – due to the nature of children remaining in class bubbles Early Birds will have to change. We are planning for staff to work with children in their own bubbles, this is likely to start on week 3 with the first 2 weeks being used for preparation.

  • There are to be no mass gatherings of children therefore no assemblies. Mrs Peace will record an assembly for the first day back. There will be no golden time or university afternoon across bubbles, no swimming until further notice and no singing unless outside.

  • We are no longer required to test children’s temperatures on entry to nursery or reception, however thermometers will still be used if a child becomes unwell

  • The purpose of the first half term will be to check in with, monitor and support children’s mental health / well being and to identify gaps in learning from the previous year and to start to move forward with closing these gaps. 


Please can we remind you that school is closed to pupils on the last Friday of term (17th July).


On the last day of term children can come in non-uniform but please DO NOT send your child into school with any toys or games.


Thank you everyone for your patience, support and understanding throughout these unusual times.