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School re-opening on 1st June

Dear parents / carers,


Firstly and most importantly, we hope you are all well and safe.


As you are aware, the government have made the decision for certain year groups to return to school from 1st June. We are currently ringing round parents of children in these year groups to gauge how many children to expect in to school on that date so we can plan for this. 


Below is a summary of the 50 page document which was produced by the Department for Education as guidance for schools to follow.


Who will schools be open for?

- Children in nursery, reception, year one and year six as well as the key worker/vulnerable pupil group currently attending school 


What might this look like in the classroom?

- Classes will be halved with no more than 15 in each (ideally no more than 12 for us)

- Each group will be allocated a classroom

- One teacher will be allocated to the group, or a TA under the direction of a teacher

- Desks will be spaced out

- Children will need to stay within their new class/group wherever possible

- Children will be seated at the same desk each day

- Children will not be allowed to share stationery and other equipment wherever possible

- Shared surfaces and materials will be cleaned and disinfected more frequently

- All spaces should be well ventilated and doors can be propped open, where safe to do so


Will school teach the normal curriculum?

- We will refresh the school timetable and decide which lessons /activities will be delivered

- Each group/class will have the same staff assigned to it each week (some staff working half the week)

- Practical lessons can go ahead if equipment can be cleaned thoroughly

- Movement around school will be limited

- No school will be penalised if they are unable to offer a broad and balanced curriculum (we will do our best to make sure our children get the best deal possible)

- A greater emphasis will be placed on pupils' mental health and well being


Who should attend and what happens if they don't?

- All pupils in eligible year groups, who are not shielding or live in a house where someone is shielding, will be encouraged to return

- Vulnerable children (children with and EHCP or those under the care of a social worker) are expected to be in school, but children classed as clinically vulnerable and on shielding lists due to pre-existing medical conditions must shield

- Parents will not be fined for non-attendance


Will staff wear PPE?

- Staff will not require PPE, beyond what they would normally wear for work, even if they are not always able to maintain a 2 metre distance from others

- PPE is only needed in a very small number of cases:

       - one of these is where pupils' care already involves PPE as part            of intimate care needs

       - in the case where a pupil becomes unwell with symptoms of 

          coronavirus while in school and needs direct personal care 

          until they can return home, a face mask should be worn by the

          supervising adult if a distance of 2 metres cannot be                             maintained 

       - If contact with the child is necessary, then gloves, a face 

          mask and an apron should be worn by the supervising adult


Wearing a face mask or other face coverings is not recommended in schools or other educational settings.


What will be the arrangements for lunchtime?

- The kitchen will be open meals will be prepared and served safely

- The continuation of food vouchers for those eligible will continue to be available where needed 

- Lunch time will be staggered for groups of children so that children are not moving around school at the same time


How will children be kept safe when moving around school?

- The number of children who use the toilet facilities at any one time will be limited

- While in general groups, they will be kept apart, however passing in the corridor is considered as low risk so will be allowed

- Play times will be staggered and groups will be kept separate. They will not mix with other children in other groups


What will happen at the start and end of the school day?

- The start and end of the school day may be staggered (this is something we are looking at), so will play times and lunchtimes

- Parents cannot gather at school gates or entrances and wherever possible should keep a 2 metre distance from each other

- If a child needs to be accompanied to school then only one parent should do so


How can pupils and staff be prevented from catching the virus?

- All adults and children should frequently wash their hands with soap and water

- Children will wash their hands on arrival, before and after eating, after sneezing or coughing, and are encouraged not to touch their mouth, eyes and nose, and use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze

- Surfaces that children and adults are touching more regularly than normal will be cleaned thoroughly

- Outdoor equipment should not be used

- Bins for tissues will be emptied throughout the day


Please note that for the eligible year groups, teachers will no longer have the capacity to teach full time as well as set lessons etc through the Class Dojo or Learning Book. Home learning will continue as it has been for pupils in year 2, 3, 4 and 5. 

We have a home learning page on the school website which has a wide range of suggestions for home learning activities.


As you can see, there is much to consider for us here at school in preparation. The thing you should know, is that your child will not experience a normal school day as they once knew it. Their experience will be different during this time. One thing that is certain, is that the staff here at South Parade will continue to put their heart and soul into educating your children and making them feel as safe and happy as possible.