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Year 6 leavers assembly

You know what we are like at South Parade, we are always determined to make things happen! We continually follow guidance and advice.  We do as much as we possibly are allowed to do whilst keeping safety of our pupils, staff and parents our priority.


We are pleased to say that we are now able to invite parents to the year 6 leavers assembly after all. This is following guidance which has changed and will be in effect from today. 


This will mean that we will be able to have no more than 2 parents per child in attendance, therefore we will be doing the assembly twice. Unfortunately we can't allow extended members of family to attend. This guidance must be adhered to and strict social distancing etc must be followed.  


The first assembly will be at 9.30am and will be for the children/parents in Mr. Morton's and Mr Tyrrell/Mr Lewty's bubbles. The second will be at 11.00am for Mr Shaw's and Miss Haley/Mrs Gill/Mrs Prince's bubbles. Once the performances end, we ask that you leave promptly. 


We ask that you bring your own blanket to sit on and place it at least 2 metres away from other parents please. For now the forecast looks dry so keep fingers crossed that it stays that way! 


Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.