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Welcome to Nursery


Each half term information and letters will be posted on this page to support the parents and families at South Parade Primary School.


Please remember to pick up paper copies of the nursery diary and

other information from the 'Parents Noticeboard'.


The Lower Foundation Stage team are:


Miss Jolliffe - Class Teacher

Mrs Daniels - Nursery Nurse

Mrs Hartland - Support Assistant

Mrs Webster - Support Assistant (Morning Session)

Mrs Oldroyd - Nursery Nurse (Tuesday Afternoon - PPA Cover)

Nursery Diary - Summer 2

Expressive Arts and Design

Competition Corner

Spring - To design a flower.

Here are the morning and afternoon winners.


Spring 2



Red Nose Day 2019


Spring Term 1

Aspirations Day

Children were enthused with excitement during 

 'Aspirations Week'.

We did lots of role-playing of the children's chosen professions,

 from surgeons, builders, vets, fire-fighters to professional boxers.

A really big thank-you to all our parents that participated in the event. 





The nursery children enjoyed reading the story

'Whatever Next!'

We had lots of trips into space and shared some lovely picnics on the moon.




Autumn Term 2 

Festivals and Celebrations

Children in Need 2018

The nursery children raise money for charity.



Bonfire Night Safety

The children enjoy small world role-play, with a purpose, in preparation for

bonfire night celebrations.



Firework Mark-making

Autumn Term 1 - Ourselves

Baking Buns

The children have enjoyed learning all about themselves,

especially baking birthday buns.


Grandparents Day



Autumn Walk

Nursery have been on an autumn walk.


The children have had lots of fun exploring the seasonal changes.