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Here at South Parade Primary School, we truly value the partnerships we have with our parents and carers. We love to receive feedback, whether it is to tell us about all the positive things we are doing, or to highlight areas where we may need some improvement. We use this feedback combined with feedback from children, staff, governors and the wider community, to inform our decisions and to make  South Parade the best school it can possibly be. 


Ofsted provide a portal where you can leave feedback called Parent View. You can access this at any time to leave feedback. This was particularly useful during our recent Ofsted inspection in July 2018. Thank you so much to taking the time to add your views. 


During our parent / child consultation evenings we give parents/carers two post-it notes. We ask that on one you write something that we do well, and on the other something that we could do better. We then look through the comments on what you felt we could do better and put into action anything that we can if we feel that it is viable. Thank you for your responses. The results are in the document attached. 

Parent View October 2019

Parent feedback October 2018

We recently sent out a questionnaire (Autumn 2017) to parents and would like to thank everyone who completed this. See results below. We have reviewed all of your comments and addressed any that we possibly could if we felt that it would enhance practice in our school. 

Parent questionnaire results Autumn 2017

 During our parent / child consultation evening in October 2017 we gave parents/carers two post-it notes. We asked on one to write something that we do well, and on the other something that we could do better. We had many responses for which we are very grateful. We are currently looking through the comments on what you felt we could do better and are putting into action anything that we can if we feel that it is viable. Thank you for your responses. The results are below: 


Feedback from parents/carers during consultation appointment evening on 10th October 2017


What are we doing well?

  • Text message system x 9
  • Lunch process is really good since bands were introduced
  • School staff all excellent x 4
  • After school sports clubs x 2
  • Lots of good events eg. school discos, Christmas shows, Summer Fayre, coffee morning x 3 (also good for getting to know other parents and staff)
  • School trips
  • The book swap boxes – children donating book from home
  • Fantastic school – really happy with everything x 6
  • Good communication with parents x 2
  • The traffic light system for behaviour x 5
  • Last year’s dance club was brilliant
  • Great school
  • University time – child looks forward to this every week
  • Very good at taking care of child’s individual needs – school dealt very well with an emotional upset my child had – tailored care
  • Always really supportive
  • Focus on the Arts (music lessons) is much appreciated and broadens the children’s outlook
  • Keeping the parents updated on what the children have been doing in the weekly newsletter x 2
  • Helping children to reach full potential by recognising where they are at and encouraging them towards their next level
  • Feel very safe at school
  • Lessons fun and interesting
  • Attentive to individual needs
  • School community and relationships
  • Lovely atmosphere
  • Child improved immensely since starting at South Parade
  • Getting the best out of my children
  • Happy with the school – great teachers for my children x 4
  • Lots of patient staff
  • Teacher that listens to parents on a morning and has time for each child and parent
  • Early Birds breakfast and reading club is really good. Love the extra reading support for my child x 2
  • Good communication through weekly newsletters
  • Warm and nurturing staff
  • Inviting children to parents evening to be involved in discussions
  • Parental involvement
  • Maths is fun
  • Very encouraging for reading
  • ICT lessons
  • Families involved in lots of events
  • Good explanation of methods used to enable same learning methods at home
  • Homework is appropriate
  • Communication is excellent x 2
  • Termly project homework
  • Really pleased with all the help and support we get at school
  • Transition between years always seems well prepared and planned so children settle quickly
  • School is enjoyable for my children
  • Star of the week certificates and assemblies
  • Do well at communicating events and clubs
  • Safeguarding
  • Good variety of topics covered
  • Bright displays of work
  • Clean environment in and outside of school
  • Staff and parent relations
  • Both children have made excellent progress
  • Very quick to respond to children’s needs




What could we do better?

  • Before and after school club x 12
  • Breakfast club
  • Wider range of after school clubs x 2
  • More after school clubs x 2
  • Encourage children to eat all their lunch and drink more water
  • Larger school dinners
  • School residentials – to be able to offer places for all pupils to make it fair
  • School newsletter to be sent home with oldest child
  • Information on Y6 SATs
  • Childminders – for teachers to understand that it takes time to get round whole school for collections
  • More communication between school and paediatric doctors – not all children behave the same at school and home, in many situations children hold in their distress then let it out at home – often results in delaying diagnosis
  • Going in to pick up reception children can be difficult – they could be picked up from the door rather than going into cloakroom
  • Online payments x 5
  • More interesting reading books
  • Doing more art
  • Adding more to the playground
  • More focus on recognised sports in PE
  • More communication around school events
  • More exciting non-fiction books in library and in home reading scheme
  • Doing reading books twice a week is a challenge – should be one per week
  • Harder maths
  • Homework could be lessened
  • More traditional Christmas nativity
  • Better communication with working parents when childminders do pick up eg. when an incident happens in school x 2
  • Explain more on homework what needs to be improved
  • Better food for lunch
  • More French, Spanish, Italian x 2
  • Holiday club
  • More advance notice for school activities (no notice on whether children had to take own clothes)
  • PE kit – no information on what to buy
  • More school visits x 2
  • More sports teams coming in to help with PE
  • Extra-curricular for reception children x 2
  • Don’t have reading books long enough
  • IT specific projects – massive shortfall in UK for IT jobs
  • First parents evening later on so teachers get to know children better
  • Holiday forms to fill in etc to be available online
  • Don’t’ like term time project homework, would rather be set specific 15-30 mins per week
  • Achievement board – when child does something new at home there is an achievement board at school for others to see (Reception)
  • Parking outside school is an issue – irresponsible and unsafe at times
  • After school French club







We actively encourage parents to give us feedback. If there is anything you would like clarification on or would like more information on, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Equally, if you have any suggestions we would be more than eager to listen.