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Princess Spaghetti

Class 1 were very shocked to find that someone had been in the classroom and made a big mess in our Reading area.  There was lots of white dust all over the floor.  The children discussed who they thought it could be and after Miss Driscoll received a photo, they realised it was Princess Spaghetti from 'You can't eat a Princess.'  

The children asked Alison if they had seen her in the kitchen but Alison was just left with a mess too!!!  The children wrote letters to Alison asking if she had seen them and pictures to help people look for her.  On Friday, Class 1 received a letter and a plate of gingerbread biscuits, they were from Princess Spaghetti to say sorry for making such a mess of the classroom and she wasn't allowed to bake buns anymore so why she had made biscuits instead.