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Reading Books

Hello Year 2,

Reading books will need to be sent into school on a Tuesday and will be changed and returned home on a Friday. We have to ensure we leave the books for a minimum of 2 days before staff are allowed to handle them to change them. Please ensure you return books on a Tuesday (not before or after) due to health and safety and if you wish for a returned book that week. When you receive a new book, please read the book more than once as this provides the opportunity for your child to build their fluency. Once you have read the book several times and your child builds their understanding of the text, then please ask them multiple questions about what they have read. I have attached a question stem bookmark to help you with the type of questioning they are exposed to in Year 2. Please keep up with home reading as this is an extremely important area of learning. The children will receive rewards for regular reading at home.

Many Thanks,

Mrs Brealey & Mrs Redgwick