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Reading Books

Hello Year 2,

Our reading books will be changed twice a week on a TUESDAY and FRIDAY. Please ensure the books we send out on a Friday are returned to school on or before Tuesday morning and the books we send out on a Tuesday are returned on or before a Friday morning. Reading will be key focus in Class 6, so reading at home must be completed and will be monitored in school. Once you have read (daily) with your child, please make a comment in their reading record to acknowledge that they have read and if needed what page they have read up to (if a longer book has been sent home). If your child is given a longer book (i.e. a chapter book), you may keep this book at home as we do not expect the book to be completed by the next ‘changing’ day, however we would like you to comment and highlight what page they are on and send the reading record into school instead. Regular home reading will be rewarded using the reward chart that has been stuck in the back of their reading record. Please utilise the ‘question stem’ bookmark that we have provided to ensure you are asking appropriate questions about the book they have read. Comprehension (understanding of a book) is a major aspect of reading in year 2.

Many Thanks,

Mrs Marsden & Mrs Redgwick