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Reading Resources


We want to create a love for books and reading in Reception.

To help your children develop their reading it is extremely important to work together with school through the use of reading diaries.


Reading is very beneficial for life chances as well as having a range of other benefits too.



Supporting Reading as a Parent

These are some of the ways you can support and encourage the love of reading at home:

- have a positive attitude towards reading at home

- practise reading using the books sent home

- discuss what is happening in the pictures

- predict what might happen in the book 

- discuss vocabulary/words that are unfamiliar 

- read a favourite story, can your child tell you what happens next?




Question Guidance

Here are some questions you could ask your child about the book they are reading.


Who are the characters in the story?


What do you think is going to happen next?


How do you think ....... is feeling?


Whereabouts does this story take place?  


Why did you choose this book?