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Speech to Describe a Character

Speech can help us find out what a character is like without the reader telling us directly, e.g. "You really shouldn't wear those shoes. They don't suit you," he sniggered.

From this, we might think that the character can be unkind to others because the words that they use are not very nice and they are sniggering as they say them. 

"Can I help carry those heavy books? asked Mary.  From this, we might think that the character is kind as she is offering to help. 


Look at the 'What are the characters like? sheet. Read through the speech and then write down what you think Katie and Max are like using evidence from the speech to support your answer, e.g. I think Max and Katie are competitive because Max says that he is going to catch the first leaf but Katie says she is. 


Then look at the 'Building sentences sheet'. Look at the examples that are given. Look at the other character traits that are given. Now, write your own dialogue so that the reader knows what the characters are like just from reading it. You can use the sheet to help you build up your dialogue if you want to. Use the verbs and adverbs sheet from the previous lesson.