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Thursday 22nd July




If you have an adult with you who can work with you this morning, please complete a spelling test. Your adult can read you each word and you can have as long as you need to write the words. If you haven't got an adult who can work with you, please practise your spellings as normal.





Today we are focusing on Number of the Day. You can choose your own number today, but it must be a 3 digit number.

I have a number in my head for this activity and it's between 170 and 179. If you choose the same number as me for this activity, you can have a dip in the prize box on Friday! 




You were fantastic at spotting nouns, verbs and adjectives yesterday in my writing.

Today we're doing something a little bit trickier. Have a go at spotting conjunctions, adverbs and alliteration in the same way as you did yesterday. Feel free to use the same piece of paper as yesterday, too! You can choose any 3 colours to do this, but here are my suggestions:

- Underline any conjunctions in purple (try to spot at least 5, but there are 7 altogether).

- Underline any adverbs in orange (there are only 2 - can you spot them both?)

- Underline any alliteration in pink (there are only 2 - can you spot both phrases?)

Have a look at the posters below if you're struggling to remember what these features are.





Last week, we drew the Iron Man using a step-by-step guide. Today for Art, we have a similar step-by-step tutorial by the same channel on YouTube, but today's tutorial fits in well with our afternoon topic.

It might be helpful for you to pause the video at times when you need extra time to complete a step.



Ancient Greece Revision


Similar to how we've been working this week, we're revisiting Ancient Greece today. You have four topics to choose from below, and I'd like you to present one of them in any way you'd like - get as creative as you can! Here are some ideas:

- A poster

- A factfile (template below)

- Artwork

- A vocal presentation (where you'd ask someone to video you whilst you talk about that particular topic)

- A drama piece