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Tuesday 20th July





Solve these clues to work out some information about Mrs Harrison. 





On Friday, we're going to take part in a Kahoot quiz on the iPads that will be all about our year in Year 3. This will include questions about what we have learnt in different topics but also about our memories together. I've written about our memories and my favourite parts of the year to jog our memories and remind us about the fun times we've shared together. However, I've got a feeling that I've missed something... 


Please check over my work and add any missing capital letters, full stops, commas or any other general punctuation - I think I may have missed quite a few!


You can choose to complete this by:

1. Printing out the document below and physically writing on it.

2. Writing it out yourself in beautiful handwriting and changing it where needed.

3. I have uploaded this on Class Dojo as an electronic copy which you can complete on a tablet, laptop or phone. You can submit this back to me electronically too!


Thanks in advance for helping me with my writing. 

Rainbow Editing answers



Topic Revision


Our recap focus for today is all about the rainforests. Have a look at the grid below and choose one activity to focus on. Make sure that you use beautiful handwriting and that you are thinking carefully about your presentation. This work should be to the same standard that you'd show in school.

Rainforest Revision