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Aut3.9.3 - Using arrays

Spelling practise




In the first picture, we can see the family packing up their belongings ready to move to another location until the storm has passed. We’re going to describe how the children are grabbing the items that are special to them and explain why they’re special.


Thinking page: Can you write 3 things that Jack or Sophie might have taken with them to save from the flood?

Why would they be special to them?


Writing page: Write 3 sentences that describe what Jack or Sophie would have taken with them and explain why.

Here’s my example…

Sophie grabbed her teddy bear because it made her feel

safe. She snatched her iPod because the sounds soothed her.

She clung onto her blanket from grandma because she knew

it would help her.




We’re now going to use a simile to describe how loud the rain was.


Thinking page: List as many loud things as you can. E.g. a roaring lion, a hurtling train.


Writing page: Start your sentence with something similar to 'The rain was as loud as', or 'The rain was as deafening as' - something along those lines!


Here is my example: 

The rain ricocheted loudly like a stampeding herd of buffalo.




In the second picture, Jack and Sophie are now being driven away from their house which is of course very upsetting for them. We're going to use an adverb here to describe how they feel about leaving.


Thinking page: What could either Jack or Sophie be doing as they are being driven away from their home? They could be reaching out towards the house, looking back... What else?


Make a list of sad adverbs. For example, sadly, anxiously.


Writing page: Using an adverb, describe what either Jack or Sophie are doing as they are leaving their family home. 


My example: Her hand reached out helplessly as she was driven away from all that she knew and loved.

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