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‘Home of Lifelong Learners’

Vision and Core Values

South Parade Primary School - Home of Lifelong Learners



To establish a standard of excellence by supporting our pupils to develop and grow into productive citizens in our global society.


Core Values

At South Parade Primary School we offer an excellent start to life by ensuring that:

  • Children are at the heart of everything we do
  • All children have the opportunity to reach their full potential, be the best that they possibly can and be proud of who they are
  • Our children are happy, well behaved, polite and have the ability to learn in any given situation
  • Everyone is respected and listened to
  • A caring, safe and stimulating environment is provided where learning can flourish
  • Children are excellent communicators with the confidence to express themselves wherever they are
  • Children are self-aware, culturally sensitive and have a strong sense of spiritual, moral and social purpose
  • We celebrate differences and follow fundamental British values
  • Children are responsible for their own behaviour, think for themselves and have enquiring and creative minds
  • Children become active citizens who have increased life choices/chances, are life long learners and can participate in what the world has to offer them



At South Parade Primary School, our team of staff have a collective responsibility and drive:

  • To have excellent subject knowledge and first class teaching pedagogies
  • To have high expectations
  • To create exciting, valuable and memorable experiences inside and outside the classroom
  •  To embrace carefully thought out changes and have enthusiasm for new ideas, developments and technologies
  • To support each other and be open to developing themselves further by constantly reflecting upon their teaching and work
  • To work together to blend their different teaching experiences/styles
  • To be inspirational and ensure every individual can reach their full potential
  • To be outstanding role models for the children
  • Have a drive for improvement