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Wednesday 21st July






Today, it's your turn to create a Figure Me Out Maths activity! You've seen my example and one from Mrs Harrison and you can look back at these to help you with your own. Your work should:

- Have a number sentence in each photo frame, not a number telling me the answer. 

- Have a mixture of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions.

- Have questions which are an appropriate challenge. If all of your questions are easy additions, that's not a difficult challenge. If all of your numbers are past 1,000, that's too tricky! Try to think of questions that we would use in class. 


If you want to include any extra questions, then you can! It could be 'I have competed in this many tournaments/competitions', 'I am working at this stage in piano' - whatever you'd like! 





Thank you for helping me with my writing yesterday. The feedback I received was really helpful. I've now changed my work so that it's correct.

We're now going to have a go at applying the skills that we've learnt throughout the year. Today, I want to see if you can see adjectives, nouns and verbs in my writing. If you do, you'll underline or highlight the word in a colour.


If you see an adjective, underline the word in RED. Please try to find at least 5.

If you see a noun, underline the word in BLUE. Please try to find at least 5.

If you see a verb, underline the word in GREEN. Please try to find at least 5.


Just like yesterday, I have also uploaded an electronic version of this file to Class Dojo in case you haven't got access to a printer.


I have included posters below to remind you of what these words are in case you have forgotten.

Rainbow Editing writing

Stone Age to Iron Age Revision

I've included some documents below that might help you with your project. 


This includes where to find information and templates that you can use to create your posters.

Please note: 

The model of Stonehenge above is not what it looks like today because the stones have fallen or eroded over time. This is what it would have looked like originally though!