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Wider Curriculum Progression

Since the launch of the new National Curriculum in September 2014, our curriculum here at South Parade has evolved in a bespoke nature, meeting the depth of requirement, as well as suiting the culture of our school.

We do not simply cover a range of content, we teach children key skills to give them a real depth of learning. 

For example, we do not teach a history topic, we teach children to be historians. This can be demonstrated in the example of medium term planning which you will see below. 


At the heart of our curriculum are our key drivers:

  • Life long learners
  • Spiritual, moral, cultural and British Values
  • Eco-learning
  • Community opportunities

These four key drivers all come under the overall umbrella of 'community' which in the heart and soul of everything we do. 


By clicking on each of the tabs above, you will see the progression of the curriculum throughout school in each of our foundation subjects. 


A sample of medium term planning from Year 2

A sample of medium term planning from Year 4