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Bring Back Bedtime Stories

We have been filmed at school by Book Trust so they can put a video clip on their website to promote our campaign... BRING BACK BEDTIME STORIES!! 
Here at South Parade, we realise that people's lives are getting busier and busier. We get it! We totally understand. We also realise that our world is becoming more and more filled with technology. Again, we get it. With the combination of both, we are finding that bedtime stories are sometimes getting left behind. We want to change this, we want to bring them back! We want EVERY child to have a bedtime story as many nights as possible. For more information please see the very interesting powerpoint attached below. 

Spreading the campaign

If you work in a school and are interested in launching the campaign with your parents and children, please get in touch and we can send you a school pack. If you have already introduced it we would love to hear from you to find out how it has gone. You can get in touch through the contact form on the website. 

Letter to approach celebrities


We have now launched our very own 'Bring Back Bedtime Stories' campaign.

So far:

- Children have made placards and picketed parents for several days 

- Professionally designed banner on school gates

- Professionally designed leaflets distributed to all parents

- Parents and children asked to sign 'a promise'

- Parents and children attended our launch night on Thursday 12th January, children had bedtime stories in their classrooms in their pyjamas with a teddy and hot chocolate! Parents were delivered a presentation in the school hall at the same time

- We are spreading the word on social media - search BBBS on instagram, facebook and twitter

- We are asking other schools to get involved too!!!

BBBS launch night