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Engaging with the local community

At South Parade Primary School, we value the importance of developing strong links between the school and local, regional and national communities. Through assemblies, concerts and special events, we involve our pupils in the local community, so that they learn how to participate in a practical way in the life and concerns of their neighbourhood and communities. Working with parents, local residents, the business community, public services, and voluntary services teaches the children to become active citizens. 

♦ To help the children prepare for the future.
♦ For all of us to care about our school and the environment.
♦ For our children, our parents and our staff to work together.
♦ To acknowledge that our neighbours are important to us.
♦ To accept that South Parade Primary School is not a building in isolation, but is situated within the community of Ossett and surrounding area, which is
part of the larger community of West Yorkshire. It is important that South Parade Primary School, its children, staff and governors are recognised as part of the local and wider community.
♦ To develop links with:
􀂃 parents
􀂃 our neighbours
􀂃 local Primary schools
􀂃 Secondary schools
􀂃 pre-school groups
􀂃 industry and businesses
􀂃 other agencies
􀂃 voluntary/charitable organisations.