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Sensory Garden

Our beautiful Sensory garden is now open! This is an area in school for any of our children to access where they will benefit from stimulating their senses whilst in the fresh air. This private, enclosed area is accessed through a perspex arch way that scatters colours along the pathway and then there are textured toadstools seats and trees scattering the lawn. The gazebo in the corner is a quiet area for the children to sit on the bean bag and read all obout feelings and choices or to just have calm time. The cobbled area houses the Musical chimes and Sensory windmill and the Giant Top strengthens muscles and body control. The Talking flowers encourage communication so that the children can talk to each other from opposite ends of the garden. There are fragrant herbs and tactile grasses planted and wind chimes hanging in the trees.

The pictures below show our 'Grand opening' on Tuesday 13th April.